Terms & Conditions


When booking a limo with Maria Limo (“company”, “us”, “we”), by telephone, email or online, then you accept the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS. You also authorize us to charge your credit card fully for all required charges relating to your booking.

All the content on the Maria Limo website is intended solely for the use of residents Toronto, the GTA, southern Ontario and Canada. Maria Limo maintains our site for your browsing and information. When accessing our site and booking a reservation, you accept our Terms and Conditions.


Confirmation is sent in the form of a confirmation number provided to you for every booking you make with us and a confirmation email is sent to the email you provide us. It is your responsibility to review all booking information for accuracy. If you plan on cancelling your reservation, you should consider using your issued confirmation number for reference purposes in order to finalize a cancellation.

The rate you receive when you book is the cost of service for the limousine rental. Additional 407 Toll charges and/or airport parking may be added to the initial rate when completing the booking. Applicable taxes will also be added. Gratuities and surcharges will be calculated on top of limo ride and highlighted on your receipt for clarity.

A limo ride will be billed on the credit card of the individual. Maria Limo accepts the following credit cards:

•Interac Debit Card

All rates posted and quoted are subject to change at anytime without notice. Your limousine rate is confirmed once the reservation is made. All rates quoted are in CAD unless specified in another currency where standard exchange rates will apply.


Maria Limo utilizes limo rates offering pricing for transportation for its airport limousine service in Toronto and the GTA for airport travel. Hourly rates for travel on one-way transfer will be based on Maria Limo’s hourly rates. Thirty minutes travel time will be the minimum you will be charged for a one-way travel plus any additional time a passenger is in the vehicle.


Cancellation fees for all sedan vehicles within the three (3) hours of a scheduled pick-up will result in having your credit card get the full charge plus an 18% gratuity.
Maria Limo cannot guarantee availability or a price guarantee if reservation changes are made up to 2 days prior to a reservation adjustment. Cancellations of reserved Vans up to 24 hours will get billed in full. Cancellation of our stretch limousines less than three (3) hours notice will also be billed in full. Cancellation of SUV’s less than three (3) hours notice will be billed in full.


Maria Limo cannot be made liable for any circumstances beyond its control including weather and road conditions and we assume no responsibility for any lost, damaged or stolen baggage or personal belongings left behind.


This website is copyright property of Maria Limo. The content contained on this site may be copied, distributed or modified for personal use without written permission of Maria Limo.


We welcome you visiting and using our site for obtaining information and making booking inquiries, however, you MUST agree to use this site for the purpose it is stated as, a limousine booking site. Any unauthorized use of the site will be subjected to internet laws. You are not allowed in anyway to post or transmit any threatening, obscene, indecent or profane material of any kind that can be considered a criminal offence.


This site is to be used solely for assisting customers to reserve limousine services depending on availability of the goods and services and then making legitimate bookings with Maria Limo. To book a limousine service with us, you must be at least 18 years of age. You are also required to present us with photo identification and a valid credit card prior to use of services in order to secure your limousine booking with Maria Limo. You must sign the invoice that is given to you by the chauffeur at the time when the limo service is complete. Any issues must be pointed out to the driver the day of service. You are completely responsible for any and all charges and taxes on the night of service listed on the invoice.